I am not Tumblr famous. I love when people talk to me. I am not mean. Nor stuck up. The best part of Tumblr is meeting people who are just as crazy obsessed with things as you are. So come and say hi.


You & I official video


it looks like niall fucking sneezed and turned into david beckham



i think that once you have imagined nialls hot breath against your skin, torso on your back, large hands rested on you, tight arms around your body and the sound of his voice in your ear you are pretty fucked

Superman cosplay by ellie-mccray featuring a leather motorcycle jacketSuperdry leather motorcycle jacket, $335 / Hanes blue pants / Army boots / 32cm Short The Prince of Tennis-Akaya Kirihara Black Cosplay Costume…
Poison Ivy Cosplay by ellie-mccray featuring animal glovesAnimal glove / Poison Ivy Wig / Poison Ivy Nail Art Gallery / halloweenee / Poison Ivy / Halloween make-up great for the joker Projects to Try
Batman Cosplay by ellie-mccray featuring a curling ironCurling iron / Black “Batter than Yours” Masquerade Mask - Venetian Victorian Face…
Robin inspired running costume   ❤ liked on Polyvore
Robin inspired running costume ❤ liked on Polyvore
Poison Ivy Cosplay by ellie-mccray featuring cartoon glovesCartoon glove / Poison Ivy Wig
Harley Quinn cosplay by ellie-mccray featuring tie pantiesHalter top / Tie panty / Lips makeup / Womens Harlequin Shoes Sexy Harlequin Clown Costume / Steampunk “Harley Quinn” Glove- Vaudeville, Valentine’s Day, Comic… / Harley Quinn Inspired Superhero Mask / Sand/Strawberry Blonde Long Softly Waved Wig Charming Curly Costume…